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New Communities

We're establishing the first large-scale D&D community in South-Africa.


Is this your first time adventuring in the world of D&D? We'll organize one-shot events across the entire South-Africa, to make sure you can meet new adventurers without having to travel too far.


Whether you're looking for new party members, or you just heard about D&D and you'd like to try it out, feel free to pop into our community chats. They're listed at the bottom of the site!

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We are focussed on getting both new and old D&D players together in real life by making use of one-shot campaigns at selected venues, giving everyone an opportunity to discover new friends and form new parties.

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The Team

The person behind D&Dza

Roger Garfield

Attack Ferret

The forever DM

Loves getting lost in a world that still fits on a table, surrounded by friends.